5 Baby Name Ideas for the New IPad

Before Apple released its new iPad yesterday, we at BabyCenter were fascinated by the swirl around the name. Would it be called iPad 3 or iPad HD? In the end, Apple decided to simply call it "iPad."

This baby needs a new name!This baby needs a new name!Really? You're a proud new parent and you couldn't come up with a better name for iPad 2's sparkling new sibling?

That simplicity might fit with the ultra-clean, brushed aluminum aesthetic of Apple, but as the name for a new arrival ... where's the élan of the Macintosh? Heck, even "Cube" was kinda, sorta cool.

Well, BabyCenter knows a thing or two about naming a baby, and we are hereby offering our expertise to Apple.

With the help of the Baby Names Explorer - a cool tool that suggests similar-sounding and sibling names for any moniker you plug in - we're proposing a list of names for Apple to consider. Here's what we came up with:

Lida: Of Greek origin, Lida means beloved by all. All, that is, except the person you are totally ignoring when you're on your new iPad.

Gaga: She may have 20 million Twitter followers, but last I heard, Gaga was a common nickname for Grandmother. And the new iPad is so user friendly, my grandma could use it!

Siri: While the new iPad doesn't have Siri's technology, everyone's falling in love with the know-it-all voice on their iPhones.

Retina: Because the iPad is the apple of everyone's eye.

Tabby: Don't you just want to pinch its adorable little tablet cheeks?

See 10 more memorable monikers for the new iPad.

What do you think: Did Apple name its new baby well, or should it go with one of our names - or one of yours?

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