5 Hilarious Holiday Sites That’ll Make You LOL

Holidays stressing you out? You need a good laugh!

Ugly Christmas Lights
This site has hysterical pics of holiday decorations gone bad! It'll make you look like Martha Stewart in comparison!

Awkward Family Photos
Think your holiday card photo is bad? Check out these "Oh no they di'int" family photos and you'll feel better about yours!

Scared of Santa
He's huge, he's hairy and let's be honest, can be downright scary! This site has lots of funny pics of kids wailing on Santa's lap.

I Can Has Cheezburger
The holiday version of this iconic site features a different hysterical, holiday-themed LOL cat picture and caption every day!

Skuidoo Yuletide Yuk Yuks
This site has tons of silly jokes, polls, pics and videos to make your holidays even merrier. Not all of the content is PG though, so stick around if your kid logs on!

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