5 Lessons My Newborn is Teaching Me

5 Lessons My Newborn Is Teaching Me5 Lessons My Newborn Is Teaching MeA newborn baby brings so much joy, excitement, and love into the world. Along with the snuggles, coos, and yes, sleep deprivation, comes a handful of essential life lessons to learn as you go along. Here are the 5 lessons my newborn is teaching me.

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1. When in need, improvise

Sure, you can prepare for your baby's arrival for nine months, but surprises will still arise along the way. In just a few short days, we've utilized a changing pad cover as an impromptu bassinet, socks for mitts and swaddle blankets for absolutely everything. And you know what? No one's the wiser (especially sweet baby!).

2. The world is still turning
It's easy to get swept up into a spiral of feedings, changings and sleep schedules. Yet the world outside? It's still buzzing with errands, life and the daily grind. A gentle and lovely reminder that the difficult moments of caring for a newborn will past faster than we know.

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3. People are the biggest blessing of all
The amount of love and support we've received for our little one has been tremendous, and we're so grateful to her (and our friends and family) for showing how a community can surround one family during such a new and precious time.

4. We surprise ourselves
We've slept very little, our schedules have been uprooted and we can barely find time to shower. Yet we're powering through this time with love, patience and kindness as a family of three. It's amazing how persistent the human spirit is when love is top of mind.

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5. Life is in the details
Laundry, dishes and errands have taken a back seat to the little moments: a half-smile on a newborn baby, and the excitement and pride we feel when she passes another (tiny) milestone. I've found myself losing track of time just staring at our sweet girl's little face, knowing this moment is fleeting and to treasure it forever.

Turns out that although I'd hoped to teach my daughter everything she knows, she's teaching me worlds more.

- By Erin Loechner

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