5 "New Mom" Things I Swore I Wouldn't Do

5 5 When I found out I was pregnant I started a mental list of the things I saw other people do, or that I just assumed new moms did, that I was never going to do. From the seemingly insignificant to the slightly controversial, I had decided that I was never going to let myself slip. Till our son came that is, and I realized that sometimes you've just got to give yourself a break. Here are the top 5 things I swore I'd never do as a new mom, but that I do anyway…

1. I won't let blue overrun his things just because he's a boy
I tried, really I did. And when it comes to his wardrobe, we've got a pretty varied spectrum of colors. But blankets, toys, pacifiers, and baby accessories seem to only come in blues or pinks. Oh well.

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2. I won't buy premade baby food
I had every intention of making all our baby's food from scratch. But as a work from home and stay at home mom, this was one of the things that I quickly gave myself some slack in. And with the availability of great quality organic options and the approval of our pediatrician, we've jumped into the world of store bought and haven't looked back.

3. I won't give unsolicited mom advice to my friends
It's like I a faucet I can't shut off. When I hear a friend is pregnant or talking about babies, I can't stop myself from interjecting my opinions. It's virtually impossible. I'm working on it, really I am. And hopefully I'm coming off as helpful and not too pushy.

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4. I won't blast my social media channels with baby photos
HA! This lasted all of 10 seconds. My instragram (@beckarobinson) is a virtual baby album. I can't help it. He's just so tweetable. My twitter and facebook feeds are full of photos, jokes, anecdotes, and so on about our son or being a mom, or complaining that the garbage truck woke him up from his nap… AGAIN.

5. I won't let baby stuff take over our house
Oh man. I was dedicated to this cause. Until our son became more mobile and more easily bored. Now there's a pack and play, toys everywhere, a swing, and a jumping gym all in our living room. Sometimes convenience wins over style, especially if it means a happy baby.

- By Becka Robinson
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