5 New-Mom Tips that Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Helpful Tips for New Moms5 Helpful Tips for New MomsMy baby is almost exactly 6 months old (time is flying!), so I may not be able to offer sage advice about babies walking or talking or even eating solid foods (hopefully soon!), but I am pretty good at surviving what they call the "fourth trimester" -- those first three months that can be both so joyous and difficult. Here are 5 helpful tips for new moms or soon-to-be moms.

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1. Simple One Pieces
All of the adorable dresses and dapper little duds look great and are completely addictive to shop for, but make sure you are stocked up on simple, plain, super soft one pieces like these Disney Cuddly Bodysuits in Bold Solids. Our son lived in plain one pieces around the house. (And let's be honest, out of the house, too.) They are so easy to take on and off, are comfortable for baby, and babies look adorable in them.

2. Coconut Oil
Our pediatrician gave us this little nugget of wisdom: Coconut oil is like a magic salve. You can use it on cuts and scratches or on diaper rash. You can use it to help clear up cradle cap and on chafing. You can also mix relaxing essential oils like lavender in it and use it like a lotion. It's amazing and natural. We've used it since our son was born and it works like a charm!

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3. Pre-made Dinners in the Freezer
If you can, try to make and freeze some delicious dinners ahead of time. Pick comfort foods you love and that are loaded with vitamins so that when you're running low on energy, or feeling a bit down, you don't have to worry about cooking a healthy meal from scratch. We were so happy to have a bunch of casseroles and lasagnas in our freezer. I kind of wish we still had more!

4. Get Outside
Even if you just stand in the sun for a few moments. Getting outside helps remind you that there is a whole world outside and that it's beautiful. Vitamin D also helps ward off the baby blues so feel the warm sun on your skin, breathe in the fresh air, and remember that you're doing great!

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5. Capture the Moments
I started two photo projects when our son was born. The first was to take a photo holding him in the same position every month of his first year. The first photo was the one above on his 1-week birthday. The other project was to take one photo every day of our life with him to make into a big album later on. Sometimes it's hard work to get it done, but I'm only halfway through the year and already I'm so happy that I've been doing it. He has changed so incredibly much in such a short time. I would have forgotten all the little things if I hadn't caught them in pictures.

- By Becka Robinson
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