5 Royal Heirs from Around the World

People worldwide may be celebrating the birth of Britain's royal baby, but don't forget about all the other royal kids out there too! MC has rounded up some of the most adorable mini monarchs-to-be that will give Baby Cambridge a run for his/her money.

By Diana Pearl

Heir of SwedenHeir of SwedenSweden

Youngest of the young heirs to the throne of royal families of the world Princess Estelle of Sweden, just a year and four months, is third in line to the throne after her mother, Crown Princess Victoria.

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Heir of Morocco Heir of Morocco Morocco

The eldest son of King Mohammed VI, the 11-year-old Crown Prince Moulay Hassan, is next in line to the throne of Morocco on his father's death.

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Heirs of the NetherlandsHeirs of the Netherlands


Following the abdication of her grandmother, Queen Beatrix, and the succession of her father, King Willem-Alexander, to the throne, Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (left), 9, became their heiress apparent in the Netherlands. Next in line are her younger sisters, Princess Alexia, eight, and Princess Ariane, six.

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Heirs of GreeceHeirs of Greece


The royal family in Greece may have lost their official royal status back in the 1970s, but since they've retained the courtesy titles with none of the responsibility (or power!). The current Crown Prince and Princess are keeping the line strong, however, with five children of their own: Princess Maria-Olympia, Prince Constantine Alexios, Prince Achileas-Andreas, Prince Odysseas-Kimon, and Prince Aristide Stavros.

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Heir of NorwayHeir of NorwayNorway

Third in line to the Norwegian throne, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, nine, gets a hug from her grandmother, Queen Sonja. Like the United Kingdom, Norway has abandoned their previous law that would make a boy the heir over his eldest sister.

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