5 Simple Homemade Baby Costumes

Get a head start on Halloween by planning costumes now. These outfits are easy to whip up with only scissors and a sewing machine, saving you money and giving your little trick-of-treater a custom look for their first Halloween.

1. Spring Chicken

Create an adorable costume for the smallest chick-a-dee in the roost. All you'll need are a couple of boas, kitchen gloves, a t-shirt, a few bits of felt, and some big, black buttons.

Complete how-to: Spring Chicken

2. Peacock

Dress up a turquoise onesie and orange leggings with feathers and sequined elastic to make this costume. Once you're done, you'll be proud as a peacock to see your little one strutting (or carried) around.

Complete how-to: Peacock

3. Octopus

Amusingly homespun, this octopus costume includes tentacles made of stuffed socks, buttons for suckers, and a hat made from a pair of leggings.

Complete how-to: Octopus

4. Godzilla

Your little cutie will be a destructive super-monster with this quick Zilla get up, complete with fireball accessory.

Complete how-to: Godzilla

5. Sock Monkey

The body of this sock monkey costume is warm and snuggly on a chilly Halloween night. It's so cuddly that you may have trouble convincing your kid to take it off!

Complete how-to: Sock Monkey

Need more kids costume ideas? We've got plenty at here.

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