5 Things My Dad Taught Me About Life

My father's words of wisdom are few and far between but very memorable. I recall being a rebellious teen and thinking the worse of my parents. My father's way of being strict was the worse thing in life...or so I thought. As a parent now myself, I have learned to treasure when my father speaks. From jokes to serious talks about life, everything he says has had an impact. I take his words with me, and I can clearly hear him speak whenever I find myself in a situation where I'd turn to him.

Since moving almost 3,000 miles away, I really miss spending time with my dad. I take full advantage of my visits back home, even if it's just to ride in the car with him to the store. I've learned to understand that all he preached was for my own good, not to be against me. I make it a point to share how I feel, and he is learning to share more and be open. Still, nothing tops his fatherly advice.

These are a few of my favorite words of wisdom from my dad:

1. Keep Trying

My father's famous words:
echale ganas. This is his way of saying he's proud, because even when I share amazing news he knows that work isn't done. He motivates me. He knows how important it is to me to know I've made him proud, so hearing him say echale ganas is just as great for me!

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2. Know Your Worth

Though confident and cheerful, I've shed some tears in life. From stressful days in school to sour friendships, my father has seen the tears for all. When I was a kid, he would ask me, "Are going to let someone else control how you feel about yourself?" He would remind me about my self-worth. My father taught me that I am worth more if I believe in myself and no one can take that away from me. Many times when I questioned myself, my dad was in my head. I would clearly hear
No te dejes, m eaning "don't let yourself."

3. Do Not Get Frustrated and Be Patient

This might seems like a given to anyone, but really when I became a mother this is what I needed to hear the most. My father is one of the most patient individuals I know when it comes to kids. It takes a lot to get him over the edge. He has taught me as an adult that even when life seems overwhelming, we must keep calm. Don't let frustration get the best of you. It can be so easy to give up and lose focus of what you need to accomplish. He reminds me to be patient, observe the situation, and proceed with patience.

4. Be Thankful

My father shares that although we work hard for what we want, we must always be thankful. He keeps me humble and reminds me how hard work pays off. He is a constant reminder of what it was like for him to grow up and how thankful he is with his life today. Life is to be celebrated, and you should be thankful for everything you have.

5. Where One Eats, Five Can Eat

Coming from a big family there is always someone visiting, especially when we visit our home in Mexico. Since I was a child, my father made it a point to share and give what we have. He taught me that you always offer a person something to eat, even if it's the last you have or you think you don't have enough. My parents are givers, and I know how willing they are to help and share. This has made me a better person.

Do you have any favorite words of wisdom from your parents?

-By Ruby Wright

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