5 Things that Help Me Combat "Mama" Stress

5 ways to reduce stress5 ways to reduce stress

I realize these may not work for everyone, but for all of us mamas, there comes a time when we need to take a step back and really try to relax. I know its hard, but as soon as I take a mini-break I feel so much better!

I am full-on with two kids, work, and a husband who travels quite often. These past two months, I've realized that I simply need to cut back on a few things, take care of ME, and learn to say NO. Just a few small changes here and there have helped me de-stress a bit. Here are five ways to help reduce some of that mama stress we all have - including swapping out my coffee for a green smoothie. YIKES!

What ways have you found to relieve stress?

1. Green Smoothie
I know, I know we need caffeine in the morning, but I replaced my cup of joe with a green smoothie after my friend and health coach suggested I try it. It keeps me full for longer, alert, and not to mention it's packed with fruits and veggies, which I was lacking.

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2. Do something YOU like to do!
I love reading - not just online, but actual books as well as magazines. I haven't read a proper book since my oldest was born four years ago. However, once at week, I've started to shut down all electronics at night (iPad, computer, phone) and just chill with a book and magazine. Sounds simple, but something I NEVER do. I sleep better not going to bed having ended my night looking at a screen, and I even dream happier things too!

3. Fitness
Another one I thought impossible until I found Stroller Strides. It's an outdoor exercise class where you can bring your baby! It's been super hot this last week, but I started and it felt great. No need to hire a sitter. The babes came with me, and I was able to sweat all of my worries away. Felt so, SO great!

4. Not checking emails every minute
Hard, right? Especially with our smart phones at our sides most of the day. I tend to flag the important emails, delete the junk and then I will set time apart to respond to those that require more detail. Oh and learning how to say NO has brought me much happiness! Try it!

5. Ask for help
I have a hard time with this one, because I don't want to put anyone out, but I asked my mother if she could help me out a few times a week so that I could work. She has her own life and things to do, but she was more than happy to, and it alleviated a lot of the pressure and stress! Not everyone has their family nearby, but you could work something out with a neighbor or friends to take turns watching each others' kids for a few hours.

- By Maria José Ovalle

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