5 Things Kid President Knows for Sure

Photo: Brad Montague

As told to Abbe Wright

1. Hug more, shout less.
That's all.

2. Dance already.

Get up and move! I have brittle bone disease, which basically means my bones are really fragile--I've had more than 70 breaks since I was born. But I always find a reason to dance. My favorite move: the pencil sharpener.

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3. If life is a game, aren't we all on the same team?

Then let's start acting like it. We need to work together--and stop being bullies.

4. MOM upside down is WOW.

I wish every mom in the world knew how amazing she was. Sometimes it's just hard for us kids to say how much we love them. (But moms, let's cool it on the meatloaf.)

5. Be more awesome.

Just because you're a grown-up doesn't mean you have to be all grown up. Be cool. Everybody can be boring, but you're gooder than that. Every day when you wake up, you have the chance to be a party. What will you create to make the world better? Nothing, if you keep sitting there!

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