5 Tips for Throwing the Sweet 16 of Her Dreams!

Few events carry as much meaning to a teenager as turning 16 years old. It represents the biggest stepping stone of their journey from childhood to becoming an adult. This occasion is not complete without taking time to celebrate with friends with a sweet sixteen birthday party.

A sweet sixteen birthday party can be a memorable and fun occasion for your teenager. It also requires a great deal of planning to make sure it creates good memories instead of bad ones. Whether your teen has a formal affair with dozens of guests (and an average price tag of $3000-$5000) or a casual get-together with a few close friends, it is vital to make this party live up to their expectations.

These tips will offer you ideas on how to make your teen's sweet sixteen especially sweet for them:

1. No parents allowed (kind of):

The last thing your teen wants to see is mom or dad hovering around socializing with the party guests or telling embarrassing stories that makes their poor child want to crawl under a rock and hide. There is nothing wrong with making an appearance at certain times - like to bring out the birthday cake or distribute presents - but your teen will enjoy the party much better if they are left alone to celebrate with their friends. Keeping an eye on things is always a must, but best if done from a safe distance.

2. Involve your teen:

If you want to create the perfect sweet sixteen party, what better way to do it than involve your teen who is turning 16? Let them select their favorite foods to serve to party guests. Ask for their input on what games and activities to include in the party. Encourage them to select their favorite music for a party playlist. These actions will let your teen truly feel like it is their party.

3. Choose a theme:

Throwing a themed party can be a fun way to celebrate. You can do anything from a Glam Hollywood Star night complete with a backstage pass invitation, a red carpet and plenty of flashing lights to a beach party where everyone dresses in tropical clothing and rocks the limbo and sand volleyball. The possibilities are endless.

4. Send out invitations:

Professionally made invitations add the right touch to a sweet sixteen party. Much like a wedding invitation or a graduation announcement, it offers a visible symbol of how important this day is to your teen. Finding invitations at the right price is a simple thing if you buy them online. It also offers the added convenience of offering a wider range of options for crafting the right invitation.

5. Location is everything:

Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your teen is to let them get out of the house to celebrate. You can do everything from organizing a skating night at the local ice rink to renting out a screen at local movie theater for a private movie party. Many places will reserve facilities for private parties for a fee and these rentals can include food and activities.