5 Ways to Bond with Your Unborn Baby

5 Ways to Interact with Your Unborn Baby5 Ways to Interact with Your Unborn BabyWhen you're pregnant, it can seem odd to know you have a person growing inside you but not be able to see or feel your baby all the time. At the beginning of a pregnancy you don't feel your baby at all, so it's especially strange and even scary, not knowing what's going on inside. However, your baby can hear you from inside and can feel your movements, too! Knowing that, there are 5 simple, yet very fun things you can do to interact with your unborn baby.

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1. Talk to Baby
Your growing baby can hear you, so talking to him or her is a perfect way to begin your relationship with your little one. Talk to your baby about what you're doing, where you're going, what you want to show him or her after you welcome them into the world -- the possibilities are endless. You might think you sound crazy walking around talking to yourself, but the reality is that you're talking to your baby, and your baby can hear you. Once born, he or she will recognize your voice and you'll feel a strong bond from all that talking you guys did!

2. Read to Baby
Just like talking to baby, reading to baby is a great way to interact with your soon-to-be cutie. You can of course read classic stories, poems, nursery rhymes, and the like. But, you can also read out loud whatever you're reading for yourself. The important thing is that baby is hearing your voice and learning new vocabulary at the same time!

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3. Play Music for Baby
With both of my pregnancies, I would sit with headphones on my belly and play music for my babies. I would play all types of music, not just lullabies and classical music, but also music I listen to normally. Once you start feeling Baby's movements, you'll notice Baby tends to move in response to music you play, which is always fun. In addition, you can also sing to Baby, giving him or her another opportunity to hear your voice!

4. Massage Baby
It's a natural tendency for soon-to-be moms to rub their bellies, but sometimes you can intentionally do so and give your baby a bit of a massage. It's a great way for you to relax, but more so, for Baby to feel your touch. Again, as you begin to feel Baby's movements, you'll notice that Baby responds to your touch. Sometimes Baby will wiggle away from you if he or she doesn't want to be bothered. But, other times, you might get lucky and realize that your baby moves towards you!

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5. Play Peek-a-Book with Baby and a Flashlight
This was probably my favorite way to have fun with my unborn babies! I would grab a flashlight and shine the light onto my belly. This works best later in the pregnancy after you can feel Baby's movements, and especially when you can actually see your baby moving through your skin. As we explained to our girl when I was pregnant with her baby brother, Baby sees the light in much the same way as you see sunlight when you close your eyes. Lots of times, Baby will follow the light wherever you shine it. It's a lot of fun to see and feel Baby moving along chasing the light. It's also a super fun way to get any older siblings involved and interacting with their soon-to-be brother or sister!

- By Melanie Edwards
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