5 Ways to Build Your Baby's Book Collection on a Budget

5 Ways to Build Your Baby's Book Collection on Budget5 Ways to Build Your Baby's Book Collection on Budget

We know it's important to pick the right children's books to create a love of reading, but first --how do you build your baby's library without draining your bank account? If your book wish list is longer than your baby-gear registry (first off: I like you, let's be friends), then check out these 5 ideas for quickly and affordably building your baby's book collection.

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1. Have a book baby shower

Center the baby shower around your favorite children's book or just around the concept of books in general and ask guests to bring a (gently used) favorite children's book instead of a card. This way you'll start the library collection with classic favorites, and they'll all have special notes written inside for your baby. (Because what are you really going to do with all of those baby shower cards anyway?)

2. Have a library-themed first birthday party
The same idea as the baby shower, but as a birthday party. Your baby probably doesn't need anymore toys, so politely ask for books (new or used) as gifts instead. And the library-theme party ideas are endless! See here for some inspiration.

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3. Search for local library book sale

Keep an eye and ear out for any book sales or book fairs at local libraries and book shops. This can be a real gold mine for finding classic treasures for next to nothing.

4. Yard sales!
Of course! Parents are always looking to clean out their children's stuff, and old books are some of the most common garage-sale finds. Their children might have outgrown that copy of Harold and the Purple Crayon, but it'll be brand new for your little one.

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5. Buy used books

If all else fails and you're willing to spend money on a few favorites, buy used and save a few bucks. Although Amazon.com has a used-book selection, BetterWorldBooks.com has great prices and free shipping -- plus, for every book you buy, they donate a book to someone in need.

- By Michelle Horton
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