5 Ways to Deal With Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy is STRESSFUL. Stress is not good for you and NOT good for the baby. So what to do?

Here are 5 Ways to Reduce Your Stress While Pregnant:

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1. Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massages can help relax and ease any stress or tension you may be experiencing while pregnant. Enjoy a good rub down with a masseuse who knows how to pamper a pregnant woman.

2. Walking

Plug in your earphones, crank up that Enya and walk. Walking is a natural form of stress relief and good for you too!

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3. Journaling

All those thoughts that are swirling in your head, keeping you up late at night - take the pen to that paper and journal. Not only will this help relieve stress, you'll also have a record of you are going through.

4. A Good Laugh

Laughter is the best medicine. Pop in a great comedy and get your giggles on! But watch it - all that laughing may lead to pregnant peeing!

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5. Sleep

Clean, crisp sheets. Dark room. Ambient sounds. The smell of lavender. Husband on call for any kid emergencies. Alarm clock off. YOU SLEEP. Getting a good night (or day!) rest will help restart your brain and give your body the break it needs to refuel.

For 5 more ways to deal with stress during your pregnancy, visit Babble's Being Pregnant.


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