5 New Year's Resolutions My Baby's Making

My baby's top 5 New Year's resolutionsMy baby's top 5 New Year's resolutionsThe New Year is fast approaching, which means it is time to put your 2013 resolutions together. I've got a few of my own -- mostly of the eat healthier, exercise more, keep the house cleaner variety -- but what I think is a lot more interesting are my newborn baby's 2013 resolutions. She has been carefully crafting her list of things to achieve in the new year and here are her top 5 goals:

1. Diet and weight
Drink nothing but milk for at least four months (would this be considered a fad diet?). Attempt to double my weight by the end of the year. Reward myself with a completely new wardrobe every three months.

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2. Exercise
Learn to crawl. If this gets boring, take up walking as well. I hear rolling over is getting popular among the young set too.

3. Education
Pull books off the shelf any time my mother turns her back on me. Possibly eat a few pages. Also, learn English (how hard can it be to pick up a new language?)

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4. New Skills
Learn to control these floppy hands - it seems like everyone else knows how to use theirs except for me.

5. Bad Habits to Ditch
Scratching my face, trying to eat my own hands.

Now it's your turn! What New Year's resolutions will your little one be making this year? And what are the chances he or she will follow through?

- By Janssen Bradshaw
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