The 6 Most Luxurious Places to Deliver a Baby

The world's most luxurious places to deliver a baby!The world's most luxurious places to deliver a baby!Ever since Blue Ivy was born in deluxe surroundings, the media has been buzzing about luxury maternity wards.

As described by our own Sunny Chanel, Mrs. Jay-Z recuperated from birth at Lenox Hill Hospital in a completely renovated suite: "The walls are a rich mahogany, with beige and white couches and chic silver accents in the form of modern coffee tables, lamps and curtains. The suite even came with it's own kitchenette, which was also very stylishly appointed."

Beyonce wasn't the first and won't be the last to seek deluxe accommodations when having a baby. After all, why accept thin, scratchy sheets and jello cups when you can have Frette linens and champagne? If you'll be having a baby in the foreseeable future and can't stand the thought of a dreary room with linoleum floors and a meager chair for your partner to sleep on, you might want to check out one of these fancy hospitals:

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Matilda HospitalMatilda Hospital1. Matilda Hospital

At the Matilda Hospital in Hong Kong, you have to put down a $20,000 deposit just to book a room, but that room features a balcony overlooking the South China Sea.

Clinique des GrangettesClinique des Grangettes2. Clinique des Grangettes

Grangettes in Geneva, Switzerland, is located within a beautiful green park filled with sculptures and offers a chef with a Michelin star. It's the most popular private clinic in all of Switzerland.

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Lakewood Family Birthplace Lakewood Family Birthplace 3. Lakewood Family Birthplace

You don't have to live on either coast to get star treatment when having a baby. If you deliver at the Lakewood Family Birthplace in Kansas City, Missouri, this is what your bathroom will look like. Holy cow!

Cedars-Sinai HospitalCedars-Sinai Hospital4. Cedars-Sinai Hospital

This is where the Hollywood celebrities go to deliver their posh brood. You can get a three-room, two-bath private suite for just $3,784 per day. You will receive fresh fruit and muffins, chilled juices, and can arrange for bedside salon services. Because who wants to leave the hospital looking like they just had a baby?

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Rose Medical Center Rose Medical Center 5. Rose Medical Center

Parents Magazine says the Rose Medical Center in Denver is one of America's most luxurious. After giving birth you can take advantage of one of their private chefs. I certainly don't recall having vases and objets d'art in my maternity unit.

Prince of Wales HospitalPrince of Wales Hospital6. Prince of Wales Hospital

The Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney has set up a maternity unit in the 4-star Crowne Plaza Coogee Beach, where you can stay in a room like this one. They even take you there by limousine. Not bad!

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