7 Milestones Every Parent MUST Capture on Video

7 Milestones Every Parent Must Capture on Video7 Milestones Every Parent Must Capture on VideoAs a parent, I regret not being more mindful of the power and importance of capturing wonderful once-in-a-lifetime memories forever on video. I seriously wish I had come up with - or read - a list like this before my daughter turned the ripe old age of 6. If I had, I would have a stellar archive of the important milestones in my daughter's life for me, for my child, and for my child's child one day. But no, I was lazy about it. And now it's too late (insert sad face here). Of the big moments of childhood that I have on this list, I only actually captured three. Yeah, that's a big old mom FAIL on my part. Learn from my mistakes and make sure you properly save those precious memories.

Here are 7 of the most important milestones, you don't want to miss.

The Birth and/or First Day of LifeThe Birth and/or First Day of Life1. The Birth and/or First Day of Life
There is a wide range of birth scenarios that parents can film. You've got everything from the full frontal, no holds barred, very graphic birth to just that sweet moment when the new mom meets her child for the first time and a little bit of everything in between. Many opt to keep most of that big day private, while others have no problem sharing their baby's birth with friends and family. But this is one of the biggest days of your life, and having some kind of video record of it is a powerful memory.

2. Bringing Baby HomeBringing Baby HomeBringing Baby Home
This is one I hadn't even thought of before, but I had a friend who video taped the moment her newborn came home from the hospital and entered their new home. The proud (yet scared) look on the parents' faces along with the reaction of their beloved dog was totally awesome. Plus the nursery was so perfectly pristine…it was never that clean again.

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First Messy MealFirst Messy Meal3. First Messy Meal
There is nothing funnier than a kid totally covered with his dinner. Whether it's spaghetti, mac and cheese, or strained spinach, the joyful look on his face while he smears his food all over his clothing, face, body, high chair, and/or the walls is totally priceless. I have some classic shots of my daughter with spaghetti all over her, but sadly it's just a static shot. I totally wish we had captured the whole food frenzy!

First BirthdayFirst Birthday4. First Birthday
One of the things we did manage to capture on video? Our daughter's first birthday party. She had recently conquered walking and was strolling around the party like a socialite (albeit a tiny, messy, un-coordinated one). There was cake, presents, and a constant smile on her face. It's a video we all love to watch years later.

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First Big HolidayFirst Big Holiday5. First Big Holiday
Our family is like many in that we pull out the camcorder at all the major holidays - Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and our family favorite, Halloween. Making sure to capture these holidays each and every year gives you a great timeline of the changes in your child, your family, and your lives. Throw in Flag Day, St. Paddy's Day, and Groundhog Day and you'll get bonus points, and bonus memories.

First Day of School First Day of School 6. First Day of School
Be it preschool or elementary school, that first day is a big, big deal. The nervousness, the shyness, the excitement - it's a day to look back upon with a sweet fondness, especially when you revisit the tape when he's graduating years later from high school or college. (Warning: that will definitely bring on the waterworks.) You'll wonder how you all survived and be in awe of how tiny he once was.

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First Game or First Dance Class First Game or First Dance Class 7. First Game or First Dance Class
We shell out the big bucks on gear, outfits, and classes so that our kids have the opportunity to experience the joys of sports, music, art, or dance. That first recital, that first big game, that first demonstration - those are some of the fondest memories parents have. The image of your child dolled up like a ballerina or bending it Beckham is one of the joys of parenting that we all like to play back, rewind, and watch over and over.

- By Sunny Chanel
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