7 Signs of an Introverted Mom (and Why It's OK!)

Hey introverted mama: It's ok!Hey introverted mama: It's ok!I'm an introverted mama with four extroverted children and an extroverted husband. And on countless occasions, I've beaten myself up trying to live the social, extroverted lifestyle my young family craves.

Feeling sad because I'm not "fun mom". Wondering if there's something wrong with me because I don't get excited to host play-dates, attend birthday parties, or crave alone time away from my children. I often felt extreme shame about my introverted personality, and have worked tirelessly to fake being an extrovert.

But most recently, I've come to realized that who I am is who I am, and I have nothing to hide. I am an introverted mama, and it's not a bad thing (in fact, I think it's an amazing thing).

Here are a few things I used to shame myself over, but now refuse to feel guilty about.

1. It's OK...
To every once in a while hire a babysitter so you can leave the house for a few hours to recharge. Dine out alone, shop a bookstore, or go for a solo jog.

2. It's OK...
If "small talk" with other moms feels awkward, uncomfortable, and doesn't come naturally. Being "bad" at chitchat is not a deal-breaker.

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3. It's OK...
If you're not the mom organizing the neighborhood play-dates. And it's OK if attending play-dates don't really feel like your thing.

4. It's OK...
If talking to your spouse about your day home with the kids exhausts you. Try scribbling about the days activities in a journal, it might come as an easier form of communication.

5. It's OK...
To look forward to your baby's nap-time and bedtime primarily because it means you can re-energize with a little quiet time of your own.

6. It's OK...
If you need space from your child's constant climbing all over you and desires to be held. You are not a human jungle gym, and sometime a few minutes of no touching is OK.

7. It's OK...
To schedule a little "hush" time into the daily routine. An hours where the lights are turned down low, and everyone finds something quite and independent to play with.

I still work really hard everyday to make sure all the emotional and physical needs of my extroverted family are completely met. And parenting extroverts when I'm an introvert will probably forever remain a challenge. But my feelings of shame and guilt over the way I was created? I will not let them get the best of me.

- By Emily Elling
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