7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Kids (Unless You Want to Go Crazy)

7 Things You Should Never Say to Kids7 Things You Should Never Say to KidsI am not going to lie - there are times where my kids drive me completely crazy. Yes, I am 'accustomed' to the chaos of parenting and really do thrive in it, but sometimes the kids up the ante and I need a break or a step back.

I have learned that these moments can often times be avoided or lessened by doing a few simple things first. Sometimes it means a bit more work on my end to avoid it, but it's so worth it sometimes.
My kids are at the age where they never stop talking. They're always asking questions, repeating what they just said, talking, talking, talking. As someone who really appreciates silence, it can drive me crazy sometimes.

Going back to the need for just a few extra steps, it goes hand in hand with the endless questions - there are some phrases in parenting that we all find ourselves saying usually to end the talking. I have found though that these 7 common parenting phrases end up just making the talking and questions come back at you harder.

1. "Just a minute"
We never mean 'just a minute' so while we finish up whatever we're doing, our kid will continue to ask "has it been a minute yet?"

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2. "Not right now"
For the next hour you will be asked over and over "is now a good time?" Would be wiser to use something with a finality like "let's do something else."

3. "I don't know"
Not a whole lot you can do about this one, but kids think we're smarter than we are -- better look that one up!

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4. "Just because!"
I personally don't like this one, but kids hate it even more. It opens it up for more questions on why it's just 'because'. Take the extra time to explain and you'll avoid the extra questions.

5. "It doesn't matter"
It never ends there with the curious kids. They will want to know why it doesn't matter.

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6. "Don't worry about it"
Similar to the previous one, kids don't always get the tone adults can often talk in. My kids will end up taking this and actually worry about it.

7. "You're not old enough yet"
Oh, the horror for them. I have made the mistake of saying this to my kid and then got hit with "am I old enough now" over and over.

- By Devan McGuinness
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