7 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

You're big. You're hormonal. And after childbirth, your hoo-hah may never be the same. So why do people aim the nastiest comments at pregnant women? Blogger Eden Kennedy of fussy.org got her loyal Twitter followers to spill the most cringe-worthy things moms-to-be have heard.

1. "I hope you're not one of theose women who uses pregnancy as an excuse to get really, really fat."

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2. "Giving birth was awful--the most traumatic experience of my life. You'll hate it too."

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3. "Whoa! Have you got two of them in there?"

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4. "Women having girls are beautiful and radiant. I can tell you are having a boy."

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5. "Why are you being such a b---- about cold cuts?" [And this was during a listeriosis scare!]

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6. "If you put on a track suit and some gold chains, you'd look like one of Tony Soprano's friends."

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7. "I understand, I was an ugly pregnant person too."

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