7 Ways Having a Baby Brought Us Closer

7 ways having a baby brought us closer 7 ways having a baby brought us closer

We thought we were a pretty solid couple before having kids, but having a baby changes everything. And this time, I'm talking about it changing for the better! We have found so many ways that having a child has brought us closer. Here are my 7 favorites…

1. Watching Each Other Be Goofy
Now, my husband is a really funny guy. But he's always been funny in an intelligent-and-witty sort of way. Now I get to see him be funny in a goofy-and-childlike way. Which is just so full of joy. Big smiles.

2. Quality Time
We spent a lot of time together when it was just the two of us. But I'm not sure we ever put as much effort into spending quality time and making family memories before. Our son inspires us to go out and have fun together.

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3. Learning to Be More Selfless
If there is anything having a baby teaches you quickly, it is how to be more giving to someone else and more selfless. That type of loving generosity in our house has brought us all closer as we put each other's needs and feelings in top priority.

4. Watching Each Other Share our Passions
Yes, we've gotten to see each other enjoying the things we are passionate about. But there's something even better about watching each other teach those things to our son and get to enjoy them through his eyes.

5. Making It All Work
Some days are harder than others, and in those moments when we just have to pull together to make it all work, I feel we've bonded closer than ever.

6. Laughing Till Our Sides Hurt
Having a kid is really funny. They say the silliest things, make the silliest faces, and just are hysterical a lot of the time. Getting to laugh together so much more has created more bonding time for sure.

7. Seeing Our Son Love His Mama and Dada
Watching our son form bonds with each of us, love us, want to copy us, and do what we do just reminds us of how much we love each other. Getting to see each other through his eyes, as perfect and admirable, makes us see each other more that way as well.

- By Becka Robinson

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