The 79 Best Books for Kids of All Ages

Reading with kids is fun and educational, too!
By Hillary Copsey for BabyFit
As a self-proclaimed bookworm who is passing her love of reading on to her two sons, I compiled a list to help you navigate the library and bookstore easily. After all, who has time to spend hours wandering the aisles looking at books? (In a dream world, with a skim latte in hand while Dad is at home with the little ones?)

We didn't organize the books on our list by age because we don't really like looking at books that way. If you expose children to a wide variety of books, they'll figure out what they like and what they're ready for. Also, as a parent, I was bored by the "baby books" when my babies were the right age for them -- no story line and no kid responding to it -- but find them great now I have a toddler who can use them as sight words to learn to read.

Instead, all the books are appropriate from infancy to elementary school-aged, and they are arranged by category. "Touchy-feely" are books that kids can touch or have some other gimmick. "Good reads" are books that shouldn't make you want to pull your hair out no matter how many times you read them. "Easy reading" are books either designed for early readers or that are repetitive enough to make them easy.



Life skills

ABCs and other fun facts

Good reads

Special Events

Easy Reading

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