8, 9, 10! Counting Books for Beginners

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It's never too early to start counting, and these books are perfect for early learners. Before you know it, your lil one will be counting fingers, toes, and everything in between. Counting books are delightful reads and wonderful for starting your tot down the path of numerical adventures. It doesn't need to be daunting; make it fun with silly rhyming counting books, ones filled with beautiful pictures, or stories that are centered around your tot's favorite animal. Get ready for numbers with this collection of counting books that are exciting and educational!

  • 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo ($7): Your lil one will love learning about numbers while reading this animal-filled counting book by Eric Carle. Full of colorful illustrations and animals your tot loves, this book will help him start recognizing numbers found around him in no time!
  • Fish Eyes: A Book You Can Count On ($7): Written and illustrated by Loic Ehlert, this fun and fishy counting book transports your lil one underwater to count all the fish swimming, which keeps the counting going and going.
  • 10 Black Dots ($8): Go on an imaginative counting adventure with your lil one while reading a book about black dots by Donald Crews. Along with doing lots of counting, your child will see what can be created with those amazing black dots!
  • 12 Ways to Get to 11 ($8): For the lil one who's already excited about numbers, this silly counting book seems to have forgotten the number 11. Your child will follow along as it explores all the different ways to create the missing number.
  • Chicka Chicka 1, 2, 3 ($18): This counting book is sure to become your tot's favorite, with silly rhymes and fun numbers. What happens when all the numbers race to the top of a tree? Read and count while enjoying a laugh or two with this rhyming counting book.

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  • Russell the Sheep ($7): Wait, aren't people supposed to count sheep when they can't sleep? Sadly, Russell can't seem to drift off to dreamland and starts counting everything around him. Your lil one will have tons of fun following Russell's adventures with this cute counting book.
  • One Hundred Hungry Ants ($7): Get marching and counting with this ant-filled number book that introduces basic math concepts and numbers to your tot.
  • Pigs Love Potatoes ($16): By Anika Denise, this rhyming counting book follows a potato-loving pig family as they count their way around their favorite food.
  • Raindrop, Plop! ($16): Even on a rainy day, there are tons of fun things to count. Here's a whimsical counting book that's perfect for beginner number learners.
  • 1-2-3: A Child's First Counting Book ($16): Follow this magical adventure as a little girl awakens and begins counting all the wonderful things around her. With beautiful visual surprises and easy-to-understand prose, this counting book is a classic.

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