8 Ways to Get Your Kids Moving This Summer!

Get the kids moving!Get the kids moving!The kids are out of school and while you want them to go outside and play, they want to sit around inside and chill. out.

Hello, lazy days of summer.

Here's the thing: The kids may not want to be lazy; they just don't know what to do with themselves. After months of school where their every moment is scheduled out, kids sometimes lose their get-up-and-go.
Boredom is okay...until they're driving you insane with their incessant whines of, "I don't have anything to do!"

So inspire them. Kick start their summer vacation with some outdoor fun that the whole family can enjoy:

Go on a neighborhood walk. Start out with a leisurely early-morning stroll around the neighborhood. Let your kids notice the different sounds and sights at an hour where they're normally sitting in their desks at school.

Geocache in your neighborhood or a local trail. Let your kids hunt for treasure with geocaching! If you believe your area doesn't have any geocaching, think again. Check out Geocaching.com, drop in your zip code, and rest assured you'll likely find a treasure hidden somewhere in your 'hood.

Play kickball. Who says the baseball diamond is meant for just baseball. Hit the local park and play kickball!

Create an obstacle course at your local park jungle gym. Give your kids a park challenge with a Mom-issued obstacle course. See if they can remember the order of instructions and time how long it takes to complete! Then let them turn the tables and create an obstacle course for you!

Jump rope. It's not as easy as it looks, especially for young children. Jumping rope is a fantastic way for kids to work on gross motor skills while keeping fit. You can use jump rope rhymes or battle the summer slide by getting the kids to practice their math facts while they jump!

Play freeze tag. Kids have a tough time resisting the simple fun of freeze tag. It's also another game that helps young kids work on gross motor skills as they have to hold poses for small periods of time.

Play hop scotch. Grab some chalk and draw your pattern. Forget how to play? Our Hopscotch 101 is a full refresher course.

Make homemade ice cream. We think a little treat is in order after a hard day of fun. Homemade ice cream is the way to go. Only don't tell the kids they'll get some exercise while shaking and rolling around this ice cream made in a jar.

What fun ways are you keeping the kids active this summer?


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