8 Simple Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Helping your baby sleep through the nightHelping your baby sleep through the nightBeing kept awake at nights is one of the most annoying situations for new parents. Sometimes babies, who previously slept soundly during the night, will start waking up during odd hours. Babies usually sleep around 16 hours per day, but their sleep is broken down in stretches which are not continuous.

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Here are eight tips for helping your baby sleep through the night.


Stick to a fixed routine. If the baby starts waking up late in the morning to compensate for his sleeping time, start waking the baby at an earlier hour every day so that he sleeps more at night with the rest of the family.


Allow your baby to nap in an area with plenty of lights. This ensures that the baby takes a shorter nap, which allows the baby to sleep better during the night. This is very useful for helping your baby sleep through the night.

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Nursing during the day

Sometimes babies seem are reluctant towards being fed during the daytime. Very young babies are usually very interested in what is going on around them which basically dulls their appetite. Feeding the baby during the day will ensure that the baby meets his nutritional needs and help him sleep better at night.

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Breast Nursing

When you breast feed your baby, allow him to finish the first breast that you offer. This gives the baby the best milk, which is the hind- milk that helps provide wider gaps for his night time feeding. This also is quite good for helping your baby sleep through the night.

Carry your baby

Holding and carrying the baby helps the baby relax, especially during the evening hours. This relaxes the baby thereby leading to an easy conversion to sleep.

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Calming the baby

Keeping the baby calm especially during the evenings will ensure a good night's sleep for him or her. If a bath helps to relax the baby and ensures more sleep during the night, it is a good idea to bathe him before bedtime.

Breastfeed in a dark room

If the baby wakes up and wants to feed, try not to have too much light in the room while feeding the baby. The baby should realize that night is for sleeping. If possible, do not change diapers during the night.

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Take a walk

Walking in the sun and taking in fresh air is good for both the mother and the baby. Taking walks with your baby in a sling or baby stroller can help relieve stress. You must also rest when your baby is sleeping, especially if the baby is a high-maintenance baby.

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