8 Things I Find in My Baby's Mouth on Any Given Day

It's like Jonah and the belly of a whale. Only it's random stuff and the mouth of a baby. Well it's almost like that. I mean, unlike Jonah, this stuff wasn't in Luke's mouth for 3 days. More like 3 seconds. Okay, fine. 3 minutes. Tops. But seriously, it's not like it's our fault. Because this kid puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. It's almost like his entire mission on this planet is to see which of its random articles can indeed fit inside the confines of his sparsely toothed tongue cave. Honestly it's all we can do to stay on top of it. But stay on top of it we must, which is why we're regularly fishing things out of Luke's mouth. So without further ado, the 7 random things we found in Luke's mouth in the last week. - By John Cave Osborne

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