8 Things You Should Never Say to Dad..

You're probably being bombarded with incredibly clever, thoughtful Father's Day gift ideas, but here's a secret: the best gift you can give dad this year is to stop saying these things:

1. You just don't understand. Because he does. He's a parent too and probably just as sleep deprived as you. Cut him some slack.

2. You're doing it wrong. Instead, why not say something like "He/she likes it better when you do it this way."

3. Give me my baby. Ouch. Children have two parents. And if you'd like to keep it that way, don't ever say this.

4. He/she gets that from your side of the family. Unless you're talking about his great legs or gorgeous eyes, this is only bound to cause animosity.

5. You're no help. Even if he only changes 1/4 as many diapers as you, be thankful for that help... even if it's not as much as you'd like.

6. Just go away. Think about it. How sad would you be if dad really went away? For good?

7. You suck at this. Dad may not swaddle as well as you, but at least he tries. And hey, practice makes perfect right?

8. I don't trust you with the baby. It's bad enough to think this, but saying it is only bound to end badly.

Anything else that drives your partner crazy?