8 Things to Pack Before Leaving the House with Baby

8 Tips for Parenting on the Fly8 Tips for Parenting on the FlyNot every outing with your new baby can go as planned. That's why every mom quickly learns to parent on the fly and adapt to new situations. Whether there's absolutely nothing even slightly resembling a changing table or your baby is crying in a crowded restaurant, parenting in these sticky situations is a special skill. Check out my 8 tips for parenting on the fly and feeling confident while doing it.

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1. Pack an extra blanket and a pair of your baby's pajamas
In my experience, bringing extra day's worth of clothes in the event of a blow out is pretty pointless. Having the right combination of articles of clothing, plus ensuring they match, is difficult! Pajamas are cuddly, come in one piece, and are usually weather appropriate

2. Pack an empty plastic baggie for stashing soiled clothing
Trust me, you'll need it.

3. Balance your diaper-wipe ratio
When they're small, it's impossible to bring too many diapers. As they get older, I've found I've never needed more than one spare diaper on me at any given time. I always make sure I have a mostly-full pack of wipes. You can never have too many wipes.

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4. Bring a small baby carrier that you can fold up and stash in your bag
I like wraps or slings best, since they can also be used as blankets or spit up rags if needed

5. Don't pack the whole house
One toy should do it. One snack. One board book. You don't need to bring their entire library. Often I'd pack a pacifier too, even though Huck didn't take them, just because it could sometimes do the trick as a distracting toy in a pinch, and they don't take up too much room.

6. Don't forget formula! (if you use it)
He'll definitely get hungry.

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7. Bring water
Even if you aren't mixing formula, having some fresh water on hand will help with cleaning up messes, and the bottle can be something for baby to hold if he's needing entertainment. Also helpful, of course, if you get thirsty

8. And a snack for you
Low blood sugar is the enemy of the cool-headed parent.

And that's it! In my experience, using the natural stimulation you're surrounded by to distract a tantrum is more effective than any toy you could pack, buying food and snacks on the go is more fun than realizing the snack you brought is smashed and/or not appetizing for whatever reason, and being over-prepared just makes you feel bulky and weighed down, making spontaneous fun harder to come by.

- By Natalie Holbrook

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