8 Ways for Busy Moms to Track Baby Memories

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While the premise of lovingly recording your baby's every "first" milestone is nice in theory, for many modern moms, the reality of finding the time to do so simply isn't an option. Luckily, there are plenty of hi- and lo-tech options out there to ensure that Mom's busy schedule doesn't mean that her kids' memories will be forgotten. Here are eight of our favorite ways to preserve your family's monumental (and day-to-day) moments, even when you're always on the go.

1.Sweet Baby iPad App (Free): A digital scrapbook that combines photos, videos, and audio clips, Sweet Baby is free for the iPad and can be customized to your specifications. Plus, sharing with friends and family can be done easily over email.
2. Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book ($15): Prefer pen and paper to the touch-screen? A modern take on the hardbound baby book, Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book gives moms enough space to jot down one brief memory or anecdote per day - for five whole years. Used regularly, it'll make a special gift for your child one day!
3. Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal ($10): A memory book designed especially for busy parents, Mom's Five-Second Memory Journal features fun (and occasionally eccentric) prompts to get you writing about your little one. Since the journal isn't chronological, skipping a few days (or months) won't make you feel guilty. Genius.
4. Wolfie's Bindery Baby Journal ($24): This gorgeous handmade journal takes the traditional baby book and condenses it down to a manageable size. Eighteen heavy-stock pages provide space for important details and photos, making it the perfect choice for recording only the essentials.

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5. Kidlee iPhone App (Free): If you're a fan of Twitter, then you're likely to love Kidlee. The app allows you to enter quick updates about moments both big and small, along with corresponding photos. The main difference between the app and other social networking sites is that everything you enter into Kidlee is completely private, unless you choose to share your updates with close friends or family. You can even download and print your customized "Memory Book" for free at any point.
6. Me and Riz Baby Memory Book ($35): This gorgeous customized Baby Memory Book from Etsy shop MeandRiz does double duty as an efficient, to-the-point first-year journal and photo album.
7. OurKids: Family Journal, Memory, & Baby Book iPhone App ($4): Moms who are attached at the hip to their iPhones will love the easy-to-access features of OurKids: Family Journal, Memory, & Baby Book. The app allows you to add individual entries that combine text, photos, audio, and location, then displays them in a chronological, searchable database.
8. Sprout Pregnancy Journal iPhone App-to-Book (Free-$40): For the mom who wants to record her pregnancy with ease then preserve it for posterity, the Sprout Pregnancy Journal is the ultimate solution. Record all the details of your pregnancy on Sprout's iPhone app (there's even a Multi-User "Share" Mode so that Dad can share his input as well), then once the baby arrives, have your journal turned into a real bound book with the click of a button. Options include a basic PDF, softcover, or hardcover version, so there's something for every need and price point.

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