8 Ways to Countdown to Spring with Your Kids

Let the countdown begin!Let the countdown begin!The first day of spring is on March 20th - just days away! And, with the unseasonably warm weather we're having around here, I can almost taste it. Yesterday, I enjoyed the fresh air with our front door propped open. With a snow boot.

I love the contrasts in this time of year. Green grass peeking through snow. Sunglasses on a cool, windy day. Starting seedlings indoors on a gloomy day. That's why I love the idea of celebrating the start of spring, while the last of winter hangs around.

Here are 8 fun crafts and activities to get ready for spring, even if snowy days are still in your future:

Do Lorax-themed crafts with your kidsDo Lorax-themed crafts with your kids
March 2nd: Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!
Celebrate Dr. Seuss by seeing The Lorax (opens today!), reading a few favorite Dr. Seuss books, or throwing a party with Lorax-themed crafts and snacks.

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Visit the zoo ... or create your own!Visit the zoo ... or create your own!
March 3rd: Go to the zoo
If it's still too cold to brave the zoo in your area, you can create your own! I think my kindergartner will love these paper stand-up animals.
Make these paper stand-up animals

Blow bubblesBlow bubbles
March 4th: Blow bubbles
Even in the dead of winter, you can always blow bubbles! (Hint: They really do freeze!) It's always one of the first activities my girls turn to as the weather warms.

Get your hands dirty with sidewalk chalkGet your hands dirty with sidewalk chalk
March 5th: Make your own sidewalk chalk
Well, first, you should stop by and say happy birthday to yours truly! Then, make your own sidewalk chalk and watch what your kids' imaginations will create.
Make your own sidewalk chalk

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Start planting NOW!Start planting NOW!
March 6th: Start your garden
We're still a long way from planting flowers and tending a garden, but it's time to start indoor seedlings for many vegetables such as peppers, onions and tomatoes. Basically, all my favorites!

Decorate your trees for springDecorate your trees for spring
March 7th: Make a windsock
Watch the wind pickup as spring approaches with your own windsock, made from toilet paper rolls. (Then, check out 20 Amazing Things to Do with Toilet Paper Rolls.)
Make your own windsock

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These paper flowers are just as pretty as the real thing!These paper flowers are just as pretty as the real thing!
March 8th: Make paper flowers
While you're waiting for real flowers to spring up, make a few of your own out of crêpe paper. I've made tissue paper flowers before, but whoa - who knew there were so many awesome designs?
Make these paper flowers

Make your own shamrocks!Make your own shamrocks!
March 9th: Make pretzel buttons
Pretzel buttons are most popular around Christmas with red & green M&Ms, but they're tasty all year long! I was planning to try pastel candies for spring, but I love this idea for Shamrocks. Not that they'd last until the 17th...
Make these pretzel buttons

- By Heather Sokol

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