9/11 - A Moment of Silence

I was just watching a report about the children of the victims on 9/11 reading the names of those who died on that terrible day. I was so impressed that they were so poignant - a boy who looked about 8 years old, saying that even though my father is gone, he is ever present with me.

I remember my own emotions that day when our family thought for about 1 hour that my brother could be on the first plane, and watching the second, third and fourth ones fall. I remember being 5 months pregnant and feeling the light movements of my daughter inside me. Thinking about the world she would enter and fearing what the future held for her and those like her.

The children I watched today reminded me that the future is bright, and hopeful, and poised, and confident, and capable. They are truly a light in the darkness of the past.

Several moments of silence were observed today: 8:46 am, 9:30am, 9:59 am, 10:29 am. To honor those who died and the loved ones they left behind, I ask you to take a moment just now and tap into that silence.

Put out an intention for peace - peace in your life, in our world, on our planet.

- Mallika Chopra, Intent.com

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