A busy morning: What do Al Roker, Jesse McCartney and a wallaby have in common?

You're wondering where this is going, am I right?

My posts today for Shine Parenting have been a little light. I was in Los Angeles this morning for a live segment on KTLA Channel 5 about low-cost summer fun. I highlighted some of the cool ideas you've shared on Shine, so thank you for all of your tips!

And what of this silly question I've posed about Al Roker, singer/actor Jesse McCartney and a baby wallby? Simple answer: I chatted it up with all of them today at KTLA (except the wallaby...we cuddled).

I was waiting in the "Green Room" when Today Show weather man Al Roker walked in. He truly has such a great sense of humor and we spoke for a bit before his segment.

As I was having my makeup done, I heard the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar strumming followed by a young man's voice singing along. I walked by and it was Jesse McCartney rehearsing for his acoustic performance on the show. He was promoting his new album, Departure, which you should check out. (His first single, Leavin', sounds even better when acoustic). After his set, introductions were made and while photos were snapped, for a few brief seconds I could say I was "Jesse's Girl" (because I can tie anything back to Rick Springfield.) He's 21, such a gentleman, very polite and sweet. Forget my segment, I just wanted to hear the kid sing. And yes, he's a handsome guy.

And finally, the baby wallaby. Here I am with cute little Hannah, an 8-month-old wallaby that was visiting from Sea World. She was cuddled up in this little Baby Bjorn/sling style-pack and so, so adorable. After this photo was snapped she buried her head and fell asleep, just like that.