A Response to the Comments on Seven Things That Annoy REAL Teens

Hey everyone! I'm the author of the post about what annoys real teenagers, and I would like to address some issues.

Check it out here: https://shine.yahoo.com/channel/parenting/user-post-seven-things-that-annoy-real-teens-1971165/

First of all I would love to thank most of you for the really nice comments, thankyou! If you all are really interested I would love to keep writing and talking to you all.

To those who gave me respectable critics, and were able to tell me your points without cussing, calling me selfish or bringing me down, thank you even more. I respect you all so much as people to be able to treat me as a real person.

To those who were rude and disrespectful to me, I am going to be the adult here and simple address some issues.

I do not live in a stable home, family life is miserable for me. My little brother is a cancer survivor, and it has been a tough journey to recovery. He has suffered though more medical issues than most senior citizens, cancer, a stroke, shingles, cataracts, multiple surgeries, radiation, BMT, and partial blindness. This has caused a lot of issues for me and my siblings as well as my parents.

At age seven I was cooking dinner and tucking in my sister, and going weeks without seeing my parents. I had to grow up fast. If you dare tell me that I don't know the importance of family and what it's like to have adult responsibilities, try walking a mile in my shoes.

When you all have the maturity to address your points without being rude or assuming I am a brat, please let me know.

Thanks Everyone!

Sarah :)