A simple, sweet Valentine's Day gift for your kids (it's four bucks!)

I featured PakNak charms as a Shine Parenting Pick of the Day many moons ago. But since I'm hot on the Valentine's Day theme, I wanted to tell you about a cute PakNak heart charm, which would make a sweet little gift for your child(ren). (I give my kids Valentines, do you?)

PakNaks are these adorable rubber decorations that kids can use to dress up backpacks, lunchboxes or anything else they like to personalize (think bike helmets, binders, etc.). The charms attach via velcro circles, which means kids can change them throughout the year.

Can you tell I know a lot about these things? I gave one to my oldest son before the new school year, followed by a Christmas-themed charm in December. Also, at four bucks a piece, they're fun, inexpensive birthday gifts for classmates.

Okay, back to the heart charm. It's called "Minty." (Each of the charms have personalities. My personal favorite is Birdy-Birdy.)

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