For Americans Only-The Hatred of America

Back in the 1990's President Bill Clinton was given a warning. A truck drove under the World Trade Center and caused innocent Americans to die and suffer.

Shakespeare said when good men just do nothing, evil spreads or grows. This is true.
What did Clinton do wrong? He sent troops to find Osama Ben Laden.
Who was this man? He had been a very wealthy prince of Saudi Arabia. Clinton should have had his life ended then. Instead the Taliban terrorists hide in the mountains and it took years to destroy this mass murderer crazy man.

The Taliban are a sect of Muslims that want the Whole World to go back to the Middle ages Either you become one of these Muslims or die.

They treat their women as property. They believe women are second class citizens. Women need to stand up to men who treat them this way because in the eyes of Our Creator, murder is wrong and so is treating your wife as less than you.

Once a long time ago, I was told in life it is only a mistake if it cannot be fixed. Thank you Tammi for teaching me this bit of wisdom.

America cannot go back, but we had better be making for peace and teaching knowledge.

9/11 would have never happened if former President Clinton had stopped the evil properly.

Since the 1990's America has gone from a wealthy world power to having hungry children and I mean thousands of them and Americans with no land or property.

There is only so much to go around.

Homeless Americans need their family for this is the way G-d set it up.
Other Countries do not care if your American grand children own land or not.

Wake up America. Stop killing other Americans.