Angelina Jolie (possibly) to adopt 7th kid. We wonder: How many is too many?

According to a bunch of gossip rags, blogs, and even a few slightly reputable news sources, Angelina Jolie is in the process of adopting a baby from the Middle East, specifically a daughter from Syria.

According to these same sources, Jolie will be signing the adoption papers solo, as partner Brad Pitt thinks their brood of six is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

A spokesperson for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington D.C. confirmed to OK! Magazine that "only Angelina's name was on the adoption papers."

And, Metro, a UK paper, reports: "'[Brad Pitt] has made it clear that six children are more than he can handle,' claims an insider. 'The idea of one more seemed ludicrous, but Angie is determined to complete her rainbow family.'"


If the news is true, most stories will focus on a possible rift between the hyper-famous twosome, and we're sure to see all sorts of outlandish claims about how they're BREAKING UP!!!!!

But the larger question is: Is seven kids too many? Especially this close in age? The Jolie-Pitts have three adopted children and three biological children. Four of them are under 5 years old. Sure, the actors have zillions of dollars and can afford all the help in the world, but actual parent time is important, too. How much can these kids possibly see mom and dad when they both have busy movie star careers and there are so many little people to nurture?

We don't knock Angelina's "rainbow family" ambitions. It's a commendable undertaking for sure, we just wonder if it's a wise one.