Another annoying fundraising packet in the trash!

We're just about a full month into school, and between both my kids I've tossed at least two fundraising packets in the recycling bin. I feel guilty about this, really I do. It's not that I'm totally opposed to the idea of spending my Sunday afternoons asking strangers to buy holiday paper at inflated prices for what's no doubt a very good cause.

It's just that right now, Mommy's sanity trumps a new slide at the playground. I'm one of those moms who feels that adding one more task, chore, or responsibility to my daily life will cause me to EXPLODE.

Example: I just "found" the credit card bill that was due five days ago shoved into the phonebook page on plumbers, whom I was calling to fix the kitchen faucet that I spent hours decimating over the weekend.

I had this notion that I could save a couple hundred on a plumber by fixing it myself. (Who knew that dismantling this special cartridge in a reproduction gooseneck faucet handle ruins the seal and renders it useless? Or that you can't replace the parts; you have to buy an entirely new faucet, plus the price of a plumber to install it? Huh.)

So as you can see I'm entirely too busy flushing money down the kitchen drain to go around schilling for the schools. Even phoning my mom and brother seem like too much effort at this point. One CafeMom says she hates these things, too.

"We do not have a large pool of family, friends and co-workers from which to draw, and I really wouldn't mind going door to door except everything is pre-pay," she says. "So you are going up to folks you don't know that well saying 'give me your money'."

Other moms chimed in, so I know I'm far from alone in this, but now I want to know what you do with all your fundraising packets ...

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Written by Cynthia Dermody for CafeMom's Big Kid Buzz

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