Are You Sure It's Mine?

9 guys' less-than-perfect reactions to "We're having a baby!"

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I didn't really know how to tell him so I showed him the digital test that said "pregnant." He just said "Oh, cool." I couldn't believe he was being Then he went back to what he was doing! He later admitted he had no idea what I'd shown him. You'd think the word "pregnant" would have given him a clue! --AndreaR1983

He was out of town. I called him and told him. He nearly drove off the road and then hung up on me. He called a few hours later to apologize. --Jessis62781

I showed him the stick and he told me, "We better go buy a different brand of pregnancy test. This one may be broken." After three different brands and the digital one, he poured himself a glass of scotch, sat down, and didn't say a word for a few hours. (We weren't planning at all.) --*BKL*

After trying for only a month: "That's no fun...I thought this would take longer." --ldwyer4 He gave me a thumbs-up and left for work. In his defense, he was running very late for a meeting. --scoutkate

I woke up at 5 a.m., too excited to sleep knowing I was going to test with my first-morning I tested, went back into our bedroom, and showed my half-asleep husband the positive test. He said, "What's that? What does it mean?" I said, "It's positive" and he said, "Oh" and fell back asleep! When he woke up two hours later he said, "Was I dreaming or did you show me something last night?" He knew by the smile on my face and then we celebrated/laughed/cried. --Soontobejesseng

My husband asked me if the test was expired and then fumbled to find the box. It was charming. --haleymay18

He said, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves. Those things can be wrong." Needless to say, it wasn't wrong. --sunflowergrl

I tested right after my husband left for work and it was positive. So at like 7 a.m. I put the two tests in the bottom of a bag, and then a small onesie of our favorite sports team. Then, on top of that was a card that read: "My husband, my best friend, and the daddy-to-be." I texted him and said I had a "surprise" for him when he got home. When he looked at the card he said, "Really? How do you know?" I said keep going and the bag would reveal how I knew. Then, when he got down to the tests, he just said, "Ew gross, you kept the pee sticks!" --frecks2112

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