Astrology.Com Daily MomScopes -- Thursday December 13, 2012

Aries (March 21 - April 19)
How in the world did you know that already? Today, your little one may discover that you are much wiser in the ways of the world than they thought. Now they are wondering what else you know -- go ahead; keep them guessing!

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Be prepared to stand up for your opinions, but avoid becoming overly righteous. There's an off chance your little one was in the wrong. Make sure you have all the facts before you sound off so strongly or you might later have to make a retraction.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
This is one day when preaching just will not get you anywhere with your tyke. It might be a good day for someone else to do the talking to them. Hearing good advice from another source just might sink in.

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Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Your baby needs to know how to be self-nurturing. Today, though, it is you who should remember the importance of doing something nice for yourself once in a while, if for no other reason than because it makes you feel so good.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)
Tick, tock. The countdown to the holidays is on, so you will go out of your way to have some fun with your little tyke. There's no telling what you can get up to together, between their imagination and your sense of adventure. Enjoy.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)
You've got everything organized, as usual -- but then your little monkey comes along and throws a wrench in the works. But all you have to do is breathe deeply and go with the flow, and you'll have a great day together.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Something your little one hears or sees today will prompt some profound questioning. It could be at day care or on television or through a relative. It's a good day to explore high ideals, so make sure you have some answers ready.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)
This would be a good day to let your child be influenced by some philosophy. It could be at a church gathering or through a lecture on DVD. As long as you're there to insure they understand it all, it will be good for them to have this experience.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)
When you stop to consider, you know a lot of great moms, women who are generous, devoted, hard-working. Today would be a good day to tell them how much you admire their fine qualities. You'll likely find your friendship grows stronger because of it.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)
You are going to find that with a little determination you can make things work today. You might not have time to take the young'uns on that big ski trip. But a nearby hill and a sled can provide hours of fun.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)
Are the kiddos antsy and don't know what to do with themselves? Today, you will find it easier to motivate them all if you organize them into groups. Team activities, such as a street hockey game or even a snowball fight, are favored.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)
That kiddo of yours may be seeking more authority today. Help them make good choices from among the safe options you provide. Whether to go sledding or skating can be their call, but you'll decide how high a hill they can pick!

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