Avoid the Emergency Room This 4th of July With These Awesome Alternatives to Fireworks

Did you know a simple sparkler can reach up to 1,000 degrees? Nope, that's not an extra zero. Another shocking number? Each year, Safe Kids USA reports an average of 2,600 injuries requiring emergency treatment for children 14 and under-and there are many fatalities as well.

Don't get us wrong: fireworks are really fun. But if you'd rather leave it up to the experts and watch from afar, here are five simple ways to enjoy the 4th of July from your firework-free barbecue or party. The kids will have fun, and so will you without the stress of potential accidents on your mind.

1. Buy a bunch of these red, white and blue glow necklaces to light everyone up without the bang.

2. Try sprinkling this star confetti on tabletops, or throw it in the air when it's time to celebrate.

3. Have children make lasting fireworks with this Swirl n' Spin set from Melissa and Doug.

4. Look familiar? Take ordinary mason jars and have the kids catch lightning bugs-nature's own fireworks.

5. Make all the noise you want with these patriotic noisemakers to celebrate the country's birthday.

If these ideas are nice and all, but you're adamant about doing your own fireworks, check out the National Council on Fireworks Safety's website for tips about setting them off safely. Happy 4th!

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