"Baby cool" holiday style

When it comes to dressing your baby for the holidays, it’s easy for parents to go overboard. But what about the cool factor?  Shine’s resident style guru Dena Giannini stopped by “The Shine” to highlight the most attention-grabbing accessories to up the coolness factor for your little one’s holiday style. From baby bow ties to holiday leg warmers, all of our recommendations scream “baby cool” and with all the holiday gatherings, who doesn’t want their baby to look super cool?

Let’s start with accessories. Bibdanas by Kid Falco are all the rage. They’re just what their title suggests – a bib and bandana combined. They sit nicely around baby’s neck to catch any drool. And let’s face it, babies have a constant stream of drool so why not wrap a bibdana around their neck which not only prevents the clothes from ruining, but also makes a great baby fashion statement! A holiday scarf is another great accessory and we suggest a red velvet one from menswear turned children’s wear designer Thaddaeus Timothy Jr. And for the girls? A faux fur stole of course, made by women and baby accessories designer Mudpie. Now that your baby’s top half is cozy and warm, what about the legs? Look no further than these outrageously adorable baby leg warmers by Cabbages and Kings. What’s great about them is that you can close the toe and wear them with your own shoes, or, wrap them around babies feet when they’re not rocking shoes and their feet will still keep warm.

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Nothing says “little man” like a baby bow tie. Thaddaues Timothy Jr. makes beautifully crafted ones that come in all different sizes and materials like suede, leather, linen, and velvet. If you’re into bows for your baby girl, try a red corduroy headband or a bow belt with Velcro closure, which is a great way to add an extra “pop” to any otherwise simple outfit.  

What's another way to add a splash of cool to your baby’s look? Festive socks! There’s a ton of detailed and fun sock options out there. Some of them are dressy enough to even act as a shoe – they keep your baby’s foot warm, yet are much more comfortable. Try formal black and white options with velvet bows or reindeer socks with bells that rattle. Want to up the cuteness factor? Try baby elf pants, which also includes bells so your baby can enjoy kicking their feet around and hearing the bells jingle.

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Last but certainly not least for the accessories are incredibly creative and fun holiday pacifiers. The customized ones for the holidays include one that reads “I heart you a latke” and another that says “Keep calm and ho ho ho”. For more year-round options, try the lips “give me a kiss” pacifier or the mustache one for the boys.

Aside from the accessories, Dena suggests some stellar outfits to put together the ultimate “cool” holiday look for your baby. For the boys, Dena loves to stay along the “little man” theme with a dapper three piece outfit with a vest, collared shirt, khakis, loafers, plus a velvet scarf, bow tie, and newsboy hat to top it off. For the girls, a beautiful red turban, white top, and a red ruffled skirt is her top choice. For a more funky look, try a pair of jeans with a faux fur coat or vest (or a faux shearling vest for the boys). 

Want to get your hands on any of the items? Here you go!

Baby Bow Ties $30, Shearling Vest, Velvet Scarf $35
Thaddeus Timothy Jr.
Also available at Cute Attack!

Baby Necktie – Andy & Evan $19.00
ANDY & EVAN                                                                                                                                          Available at Bundle

Bibdanas by Kid Falco $14, Turban by Lovely Corporation $28, Bow Belt by AnHandmade $28
All available at Cute Attack!

Elf Tights $19, Bow Socks $17 for set, Reindeer Socks $11.50, Leopard Fur Scarfette - $18, Jeweled Flower Headband $11.50
Mud Pie Baby

Chill, Baby Lil' Shaver Pacifier - $12.00

Gimmie A Kiss Pacifier - $4.75
Billy Bob Products
Also available at Amazon.com

Keep Calm and Ho Ho Ho Pacifier, Chai How Are You? Pacifier, Santa Baby Pacifier, I Heart You A Latke   Zazzle.com

Tiny Tux Onesie - $18                                                                                                                                      Francesca's                                                                                                                                     

Leg Warmers - $59
Cabbages and Kings
Also available at Cute Attack!

Sparkly Hi Tops and Boots –
Launch Footwear $25 each

3 piece "formal" outfit – Available at Bundle
Pants – Mayoral $39.00
Shirt – Mayoral $29.00
Vest – Wheat $40.00 -

Corduroy Bow Headband $8.95, Huntting trapper Hat $15.99, Sherpa Booties $19.95
Baby GAP

Newsboy Cap $12.94, Red Metallic Ballet Flats $9.94, Faux Fur Vest $16.94
Old Navy  

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