Baby DJ Class Offered in Brooklyn: Jr's Got Beats

(photo courtesy: residents of Brooklyn – the borough where you can eat foie gras ice cream scooped by men who look like skinny lumberjacks – needed more proof that they live in hipster heaven, here it is: As of September 18, parents will be able to tote their tots to DJ school for the diaper set.

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Conceived by DJ Natalie Weiss, who has shared the stage with bands such as LCD Soundsystem, The Pyschedelic Furs, and Dirty Projectors and has taught older kids to mix and scratch, the Baby DJ School plans to use "singing, movement, and interactive technology" to introduce the tots to "playing and handling records, mixing and matching beats and creating fun and funky samples using modern DJ equipment," according to a press release. "Baby DJ School will encourage babies to love dance music and appreciate the way it's made in a family-friendly, positive environment!"

The cost is $200 for eight weekly sessions held at a music venue/thrift shop called the Cool Pony in the Crown Heights neighborhood. Zero-to-3-year-olds only need apply.

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Not everyone is buying it. "Oh my. 0-3 yrs? How much mixing is a 6 month old baby going to be doing? At some of these ages babies don't even know their hands are connected to their bodies. This is satire of what Crown Heights has become?" wrote one critic on the Brooklynian blog. "Brooklyn used to be cool just because. Now its cool because you can afford to pay $200 for your toddler to drool over vinyl," kvetched another. The Gothamist referred to classes' potential clients derisively as, "leaking bags of skin capable of little but emitting terrible sounds at sustained intervals."

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But, really, why the hate? Looking at the tuition of comparable "mommy and me type" courses such as Music Together, which costs $365 for 10 sessions, the fee really isn't exceptional by New York City standards. As someone who has sat through those 10 sessions of cloying tunes such as "Deedle Deedle Dumpling" and "Dancing with Teddy" accompanied by the jarring rhythms of toddlers smashing each other's bodies with maracas, participating in a class with music that's a little more in keeping with adult tastes sounds like it could be fun.

While Brooklyn is also the birthplace of annoying parenting trends like baby cappuccinos and kid-friendly beer gardens, there is something puritanical about insisting that parents give up all their youthful preferences as soon as they drop kids. In essence, just because you are the mother (or father), doesn't mean you have to wear the mom jeans.