Character Building: What's Your Baby's Personality-type?

The CharmerThe CharmerOne of my favorite aspects of raising Bee is watching her grow into a mini-human. She is slowly becoming someone with personality nuances, quirks and preferences (which she so urgently alerts us to!). My husband and I often catch glances and hints at what her personality might look like as she grows older, and so far, she's a toss-up between six pretty popular types.

1. The Charmer
We all know The Charmer - the baby that never stops smiling and feeds off the laughter and energy of others. A crowd-pleaser for sure!

The Shy GuyThe Shy Guy2. The Shy Guy
Most babies have bouts of shyness at times, but The Shy Guy is one who clings to a select few individuals without fail (generally parents or siblings) and prefers to be held close for protection.

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The Sensitive InfantThe Sensitive Infant3. The Sensitive Infant
The Sensitive Infant picks up easily on the energy of others and is often startled by loud noises, surprises or frequent changes. Sensitive babies crave stability on the highest of levels!

The ObserverThe Observer4. The Observer
The Observer is just as it sounds: the baby that watches the world with such curiosity and wonder, he/she often loses sight of everything else. These babies often need little entertaining, toys or distraction when in public - people-watching is fun enough!

The Laid-Back IslanderThe Laid-Back Islander5. The Laid-Back Islander
The Laid-Back Islander is comfortable in nearly any position, circumstance or situation. If you've ever thought, "Gosh, I have an easy baby!", he/she is likely of the laid-back variation.

The Intense OneThe Intense One6. The Intense One
The Intense One is just that: intense and often demanding, filled with emotions and focus and concentration. These babies can sometimes be more difficult, but often grow up to have brilliantly complex minds and a knack for problem-solving.

-By Erin Loechner
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