Baby Rocking

I have Parkinson's disease and my niece understandabily is nervious about my holding my great-nephew Wren; he's a little over six months old and weights about 20-23 pounds. So the other day, we were invited to a anniversary party for a couple celebrating their 60th anniversary, my 79 yr old mom, my older brother, my niece, her husband their two yr old and the new baby, were all in attendence. My niece fed Wren then handed him off to me, because I had already finished eating. I discovered that the natural shaking movement of my Parkinson's seemed to delight the baby, as my leg kept pace with the DJ music, Wren was all smiles. He even burpped a couple of times. I hope my Neice realizes PD is not contagious and the natural movement gentle rocking and slow shaking of my leg should place me at an advantage when taking care of him. Jugs