Baby Shower Games You'll Have a Blast Playing

Real mamas dish on the baby shower games they actually had a blast playing.

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Hey, we've all played some pretty lame baby shower games in our day. But if you're looking to liven up your party with some real crowd-pleasers, say no more. We asked moms on to list their favorite shower games. Here's what they had to say:

1. Pass the Poopy Diaper
"Melt 10 different kinds chocolate inside 10 different diapers. Pass them around, give them a sniff, and write down what each diaper smells like (e.g. Kit Kats, Snickers, and so on). The player with the most right matches wins!" -- Leis

2. How Big is That Belly?
"My fave is guessing how much string or toilet paper it'll take to go around mommy's belly. Pass a ball of yarn or a roll of toilet paper around the group, have each guest unwravel it, and have them snip it/rip off as much as they think they think it will take to fit around the mom-to-be's belly. Then have each guest go up to the mom-to-be and see how close they get to her true belly size." -- thelittlejewel

3. The Sock-Matching Game
"The hostess of my shower and some other friends bought 60 pairs of baby socks in various sizes and designs, then mixed them up. Teams of two were each given a basket of baby socks and had to match as many as they could in 60 seconds or less." -- Rubygirl

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4. The Baby Scrambler
"Choose around 25 baby-related items and scramble the spellings of each word. (For example: binky= kniyb.) The winner is the one who can unscramble the most in five minutes." -- Honeybug

5. The Baby Race
"The baby race obstacle course is the best! Divide guests into two teams. Set up two lightweight strollers and tables of baby dolls, diapers, baby wipes, clothes, etc. Obstacles include changing the baby doll's dirty diaper, dressing the baby, and strapping them into the stroller for a race around a course." -- miamicubajam

6. Guess Who
"For my shower, the hostess asked for baby pictures from all of the guests that were going to attend. She scanned them and put everyone's picture on 1 page with a space to write below. Each guest had to guess which face belonged to who." -- DiMattoni

7. Name That Kid
"Brainstorm a bunch of questions all about the kids from your favorite TV shows -- new and old. (For example: "What was the name of Ross and Rachel's baby on Friends?") Then type up the questions (leaving space to fill in answers), print out copies for your guests, and pass them out. Whoever gets the most kids right, wins!" -- kait1585

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8. The Price is Right
Throw 10 common baby items in a basket (lotion, shampoo, creams, wipes, etc) and hand out sheets of paper to each player. Pass the basket around and have each guest guess the price of the item and write it down. Whoever guesses the closest price without going over wins." -- emily0829

9. The Clothes Pin Game
"Everyone gets a clothes pin when they come in, and the rule is if you see anyone crossing their legs or arms you can take their clothes pin. The person who as the most clothes pins at the end of the shower wins!"-- Missal5

10. This Sucks
"The hostess buys a set of small baby bottles and fills them all with juice. Contestants have to chug the bottle through the nipple -- first one to finish wins! It's pretty simple but hilarious to watch!" -- caileyhc

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