Baby's First Close Up: 3 Original Ways to Document Your Pregnancy

1. Walk to 40 Weeks
Instead of taking the standard belly picture every month, take a cue from Tricia of The Panic Room. She created a memorable photographic series of her strolling down the street each week until she gave birth. The result: a beautiful collection of a mom with an ever-growing belly with a sweet note to her baby-to-be on each image. For inspiration, have a look at her Walk to 40 Weeks.

2. Stop Motion Video

This moving pregnancy documentation by Erin and Jeremy Plemon brings tears to our eyes every time we watch it. Made from 1,280 still photos taken over 9 months - from the pregnancy test turning positive to the birth of their daughter Eliza - this stop-motion video is a true source of maternity inspiration. We highly recommend watching it.

3. Blog to Book
Many modern pregnant women document their pregnancies on blogs rather than in traditional journals as it allows more creative freedom and accessibility. Once your trimesters are over, Blurb will turn your blog into a book for a lasting memento of your journey.

For more creative ways to document your pregnancy, visit Babble.

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