Back To School Tears

Back to school this year resulted in tears - mommy tears.

For me, it began with the closet cleaning to get rid of old clothes and stock up on new ones. Each outfit we packed up brought so many memories - remember when we chose this outfit; oh, her grandmother was so happy when she gave this to her; this is what she wore on her birthday; I can't believe she has outgrown this!

Then, there was the back to school shopping, and realizing that my younger is outgrowing her princess phase. I never thought I would miss those princesses!! And, my elder was focused on getting a backpack that could hold her books - books she is reading!

I was honestly surprised at myself - after all, my girls - 6.5 and 4 - are not even making major transitions. Same schools, same kids, just new teachers. But, this year, I really felt that they are growing up -- growing up way too fast.

And, then, today - first day of school. First grade! Excitement mixed with nervousness. I watched my daughter enter school - looking at the new kindergartners feeling older, proud that she had been there, done that. But, she couldn't hide her apprehension about going to her new class. Unsure which friends to coalesce with - just wanting, really, to hang out with mommy. Oh my little baby - I did not want to leave her!

First friend I ran into looked at me and said, "Don't say a word." She had dropped her eldest daughter to college last weekend. Had just broken down in the local coffee shop.

Second mom's lip quivered when I asked how first day of preschool went. Not great - he clung to her when she left. She peaked in through the windows. Held it together, but my question made her finally break down.

Alas, mommy tears.

- Mallika Chopra,

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