Beat the Heat! 10 Ways to Stay Cool in Someone Else's Air Conditioning

Beat the Heat! 10 Ways to Stay Cool in Someone Else's Air ConditioningBeat the Heat! 10 Ways to Stay Cool in Someone Else's Air ConditioningWith temperatures soaring and summer only just beginning, parents everywhere are looking for ways to entertain their children while avoiding the scorching midday sun. What better way to cool down than to spend a few hours, or an entire afternoon, in the cool refuge of someone else's air conditioning?!
I've put together a list of places that you and your kids can visit to keep both entertained and cooled down. Check them out below!

Visit the aquariumVisit the aquarium1. Visit the aquarium
Go under the sea and visit your local aquarium. Not only will the air conditioning bring down your temperature, the low lights and mellow mood will help to keep you cool, calm and relaxed.

Play at the arcade Play at the arcade 2. Play at the arcade
My kids could spend hours playing games at the local arcade. A few bucks in the token machine and we're ready to kill some time indoors and out of the heat. If there's no arcade nearby, check for an indoor play place or bounce house facility.

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Go bowling Go bowling 3. Go bowling
With many bowling alleys offering free bowling to kids during the summer, hitting the lanes is a great, and cost effective way, to get out of the scorching summer sun.

Explore your local children's museum Explore your local children's museum 4. Explore your local children's museum
If you're lucky enough to live in an area with a children's museum nearby, don't forget to take advantage of it this summer. Your kids will be entertained for hours by activities structured just for them.

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Go to a big box storeGo to a big box store5. Go to a big box store
While this could be a costly choice, if you go resolved to not buy an 80" flat screen TV, you can kill a lot of time perusing the myriad of product offerings and trying as many food samples as is humanly possible. And don't forget to spend a few glorious minutes in the refrigerated produce room.

Go grocery shopping Go grocery shopping 6. Go grocery shopping
Usually, I avoid, at all costs, taking all three of my kids to the grocery store. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Find a few summer friendly recipes and make it an ingredient scavenger hunt. Then, when you get home, you can make the tasty treats to help keep you cool tomorrow!

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Hit up your local hardware store Hit up your local hardware store 7. Hit up your local hardware store
Find a few DIY summer activities and spend some time shopping for the supplies. Put them together when the temperatures cool down and you'll have activities to keep you busy and refreshed for the rest of the summer!

Go to an ice cream parlor Go to an ice cream parlor 8. Go to an ice cream parlor
Forget the ice cream truck. Throw tradition, and nutrition, out the window for a day and head to your local ice cream shop for lunch. Order the biggest sundae they have and spend the afternoon enjoying it's frozen deliciousness.

Visit your local library Visit your local library 9. Visit your local library
Hit up the local library during story time for a fun, imaginative, and cool, way to spend the afternoon.

Take in a movie Take in a movie 10. Take in a movie
Grab some popcorn and an ice cold soda and get lost in a movie in an air conditioned theatre for a few hours.

- By Meghan Gesswein
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