Before There Were Ultrasounds ... 3 Not-So-Trustworthy Ways to Find Out Your Baby's Sex

Most couples find out their baby's gender when that second trimester ultrasound rolls around, but over the years, multiple new ways and theories have been developed to determine the sex of a child.

In fact, ultrasounds to determine the sex of a baby didn't become standard until the late '80s and early '90s!

Here are three alternative ways to find out what your baby's sex is (maybe)!

1. Ancient Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

The Chinese Pregnancy Calendar or Chinese Conception Chart is supposed to predict if you are having a girl or boy. There is an old Chinese story that says this Chinese chart was buried in a royal tomb over 1,000 years ago.

2. Wedding Ring Gender Prediction

Find out what your baby's sex is by this very scientific method (sarcasm at it's best, people). Grab your wedding ring and a piece of thread. Put the thread through the wedding ring, then dangle the wedding ring over the mom's pregnant belly while lying down. If the wedding ring swings in a circle motion, it's a GIRL! If it moves back and forth like a pendulum, it's a boy!

This "gender revealing method" also supposedly works with a pin or a needle.

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Again, 50% chance of this being correct!

If you clicked on the link hoping to find three serious ways to find out what your baby's sex is, I'm apologizing in advance.

3. Your Eyeball Knows!

Look in the mirror and pull down the skin under your LEFT eye. Look at the white part of your eyeball. Do you see a vein that looks like a "V" or branches? If so, it's a GIRL!

50% chance, people…

For two more ways to find out your baby's sex without an ultrasound, visit Babble.


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