The Beginning of a Little League Career: My Son's First T-Ball Game

The Beginning of a Little League Career: My Son's First T-Ball GameThe Beginning of a Little League Career: My Son's First T-Ball GameI sat down last night to go through the photos I took on Saturday during our first Little League games of the season. Or, I suppose I should say "game," seeing as I forgot my camera at home for the second game of the day. So, really, I only had one game worth of pictures to sort through.

Luckily, the one game that I remembered my camera for Zachary's first ever t-ball game, which is a pretty huge milestone. I was sad to miss getting photos of Dylan's first game of the season, but three years in, it wasn't such a huge big deal.

Zachary has been looking forward to playing baseball pretty much since the day he was born, so to say that he was excited about his first game wold be an understatement. He talked about it for days and the morning of the game he was practically vibrating. We had it on good authority that he was going to get to fulfill his dream of playing catcher, and, as is usually the case when it comes to him, his enthusiasm didn't disappoint.

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He's spent the past few years watching his big brother play baseball, and he was more than ready for his big debut. Check out the slideshow below for a few of the highlights. You can practically see the excitement in his face. As much as I'm going to complain about getting up early on Saturdays, it's going to be a fun season watching him play baseball.

Playing Catch(er) Playing Catch(er) Playing Catch(er)
He's been looking forward to playing catcher for ages. The most exciting part was getting to put on all of the gear.

Stance: Down Stance: Down Stance: Down
Zachary's been working on his catcher's position for a while. This immediately became one of my favorite photos of him.

Home Run! Home Run! Home Run!
Even though he's one of the smallest kids on the team, he packs a punch when he bats. He was so proud to make it around the bases.

Covering His Bases Covering His Bases Covering His Bases
Zachary was a rockstar at covering the base when the ball went to the other side of the field.

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Small But Mighty Small But Mighty Small But Mighty
He looked like a peanut compared to a lot of the other kids. But I have no doubts he'll be able to hold his own.

Short StopShort StopShort Stop
Zachary may be little, but he is mighty. And he can really rock those red cleats.

- By Megan Gesswein
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